These Are the Best Synthetic Urine Kits for Drug Test 2019

Although a lot of achievements have been realized as far as normalizing and legalizing some of our finest products on the market, your human resource manager seems not to be aware of that. You can be hit with all the tricks they have in the book, from random drug tests to pre-employment screening tests. All these can make you appear as a suspect. If you are found to have used certain drugs, that can spell doom for you as far as your career is concerned.

That does not mean all hope is lost. The best synthetic urine is here to help you. In fact, it is one of the most exciting and crazy innovations of all time. It is the fake urine that will save your job. In this post, you will learn about different brands of fake synthetic urine. Also, you will know how to get and how to use them. Before using any fake urine product, it is a good idea to know the science behind it. That will give you peace of mind to pass the urine drug test.

What is Synthetic Urine?

Synthetic urine is a product that is meant to imitate the natural contents of urine. It is mainly used in fooling drug tests and calibration of lab tests. You can provide it as your urine sample in drug tests. Ideally, it may not be chemically identical to normal urine. Instead, it is the chemical composition that matches it. If your fake urine does not look urine, then the drug test will discover it, and the user will be outed as using fake pee.

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Best Synthetic Urine Brands

Quick Fix Plus

This is our absolute winner and the most recommended product. If you have done some research online, then you may have come across this product. The product is recommended by a lot of people, and for good reasons.

We have done independent testing on this product, and we agree that Quick Fix Plus is cheap, effective, and easy to use. You will get a kit that comes with everything you require to pass a drug test. Also, you will get detailed instructions to ensure you do not miss out anything.

The manufacturer has tried different laboratory processes to come up with a synthetic pee that has the same pH level, specific gravity, chemical composition, and balance of other characteristics urine ought to have. Also, it comes with uric acid and urea to ensure you are guaranteed for authenticity.

The kit comes with synthetic urine and heat pack that chemically generates the right temperature for the urine sample. It also has a temperature strip. Remember you have to submit your product within the right temperature.

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Monkey Whizz

This synthetic urine is gaining a lot of popularity in the synthetic business. You may be surprised that you can get such high-quality, effective fake urine at such a low price. Most online reviews praise the product as a safe and reliable way of passing drug tests. In fact, it has the same smell, color, and chemical composition as human pee. For supervised tests, you should try Monkey Dong, which is produced by the same manufacturer.

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Clear Choice Sub Solution

This product has been around for many years, establishing itself as one of the best synthetic urine brands on the market. The reason for the increased popularity of this fake urine is because it is simply good. It is one of the easiest to use. For instance, heating it up is not a hassle. The package contains a heat activator that gets the urine up to right temperature within a few seconds. It looks, bubbles, and smells like real urine.

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UPass Fake Pee

This is a product that is made by Safeguard for calibrating urinalysis equipment. With that, you are sure the brand works. Although many people say they have passed urine tests using it, some have not been successful with it. The product is cheaper as compared to other brands, but it may not be worth the risk.

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Xstream Synthetic Urine

This fake urine contains all ingredients that make up urine. It contains uric acid, creatinine, amino acids, balanced pH, and protein. When shaken, it foams like fake pee and smells like it. The fact that this product is meant mainly for fetish use should worry you. It is not meant for passing drug tests, so you should avoid using it.

How Does Synthetic Urine Work?

The truth is that synthetic urine works. In fact, it is safe, tested method, and reliable. Unfortunately, some people make mistakes as far as buying fake urine is concerned, and they end up being caught. For you to pass a drug test, you need to get the right product and submit it at the right temperature.

Real human urine has different characteristics that make it easy to differentiate from tap water with coloring in it. That explains why the best synthetic urine brands are those that incorporate certain biological markers of real urine. Your fake urine ought to have urea, sulfates, uric acid, ammonia, creatinine, and the same level of pH.

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You should note that the human body produces urine at a certain temperature range (94-96F). The temperature level of your sample will be tested. Anything that is too far from this range is already a red flag for lab technicians.

Advancements in urinalysis mean that tests are becoming more complicated than they used to. Thus, they are difficult to fool. You need to get the best synthetic urine brand and keep it at the right temperature for you to pass urine drug tests.

It is advisable to try high-quality brands such as Quick Fix. For instance, this synthetic urine gas a success rate of 99.9%, and it works for both men and women.

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